Download the in-depth guide to setting up effective SaaS governance

This white paper provides a methodology and solutions to help companies better understand how to manage SaaS over time. It explores the benefits of setting up a dedicated Centre of Excellence to establish a sustainable approach.

Based on our experience with more than 50 key account clients across Europe, here's a methodology for setting up a specific framework around the SaaS explosion while fostering collaboration between IT and Business.

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Why is the development of a dedicated SaaS governance approach becoming a strategic issue for large enterprises?

The continuing growth of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has changed company culture, breaking down silos and decentralizing technology choice and governance. This poses governance challenges for IT teams regarding risk management, security & compliance, and costs.

Gartner reports that by 2027 organizations which fail to attain centralized visibility of SaaS will overspend by at least 25% and will be five times more likely to be susceptible to a cyber incident or data loss (source: Gartner Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms, décembre 2022). 

SaaS is becoming a strategic challenge, requiring a sustainable plan and urgent actions. The objective of SaaSCoE is to set up specific governance. This involves appointing dedicated employees, and putting in place policies and processes related to the entire application lifecycle.

In this white paper, you'll be able to:

👉 Assess your current level of maturity in relation to a SaaS Management approach, based on an established maturity model

👉 Identify the best governance practices to implement gradually according to your maturity level (processes, stakeholders, priorities and technologies)

👉 Determine guidelines for setting up a SaaS center of excellence to help governance teams effectively manage the SaaS ecosystem over the long term

« Decathlon has developed a robust governance program that effectively manages SaaS risks, amplifies operational efficiency and productivity and accelerates agility to drive innovation » 

—Perrine Huveteau, SaaS Manager, Decathlon